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"A man on a horse
  is spiritually as well as physically
bigger than a man on foot."

--John Steinbach
  "Partnership & Confidence Building Horsemanship"
"Listens to Horses and Whispers Back"

            Whispering Hooves 
The Missing Art of Horsemanship
          By: Katherine Barbarite  

 * An Instructional manual that safely guides you through methods that can help you develop the ability to "Connect with the Mind and the Feet will follow" with your equine partner.

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   Troubleshoot Through Video 
       Katherine Barbarite of  
         Whispering Hooves      

* * A personalized consultation done through email. Using the 
video of your concerns, allowing Whispering Hooves to give an evaluation of how to overcome the situations, that have arose, in a safe manner. 


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