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 Partnership and Confidence Building Horsemanship

Thank you for your interest in Katherine Barbarite of Whispering Hooves, LLC®.  Katherine has spent the better part of the last two decades living and studying the horse. She has sought out the most difficult horses, the ones who have lost their way, the ones others have given up on. In almost all cases she has been able to bring them back by using this remarkably effective System. This logical set of straight forward exercises immediately puts the horse and rider on a higher ground of safe, gentle communication. Instead of riding and handling in fear, suddenly both parties are building a secure structure and a new-found confidence, followed by dramatically heightened safety. Safety is everything! Most importantly YOU can do this. Literally thousands of horsemen and women are truly Discovering Horses They Never Knew. If you are taken with the simplicity and logic of these exercises, then consider doing you and your horse a great justice and join our expanding rank of evolved horse people. Below you will find registration information, an overview of our program and info on fees. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Benefits of the Horsemanship Apprenticeship Program

ƒ˜Begin to succeed with a Gentle Partnership and Confidence, first on the  ground, then in the saddle.
ƒ˜Improve your relationship, thereby creating deeper trust and heightened confidence while establishing you as the respected director.
 Learn solutions for common problems such as trailer loading, head issues, foot handling, lunging, pull-back, bucking, rearing, biting, balking, problem biting, washing,  fly spray,  
 spooking/shying, standing when mounting, and much more.
 Develop advanced communication and a better understanding of horse psychology as you develop improved timing, finesse, balance and feel.
 ƒ˜Flexion, softness and balanced movement.
 Understanding positions of the seat and open and close doors, opposite diagonals
 Black and White
 4x4 Theory
 Psychological Mind Ride
 Athletic movement theory
 Flexible time frame, as your schedule allows.
 The ability of teaching your clients all different levels with confidence.
Additional Benefits for Participants
 Business skills with utmost professionalism.
 Leadership skills
 Respect and Trust
 The ability to analyze the information about the horse shared by the client.
 A start up plan to promote and market your business.
 Important insurance info.
 Help you organize your work, client-trainer communications, and more!
 Learn how to talk and teach to an audience.
 You'll become part of expanded and evolved ranks of supportive colleagues who bond deeply as they share the experience of all the hard work.

 Horsemanship Apprenticeship Program

Katherine founder of Whispering Hooves, LLC®, will offer an intensive multi session program at Katherine’s East Coast Learning Center,New York. The complete program consists of instructional sessions , multiple days contusive to schedules with sufficient duration between for breaks, in order to ensure adequate time to hone your skills. With intensive practice, coaching, support, and stringent assessments by Katherine, you will earn a certificate of completion by attending her Apprenticeship program. ÂMandatory participation with week long intensive clinics as well as two day clinics (travel expenses, cost of participation in clinics are extra and not included in pricing of program).Those who meet these requirements (including a written and performance-based test) will receive a diploma of completion, as well as free marketing on her website. Get the skills, support and exposure, to be the very best trainer you can be. Whether you wish to train horses professionally or simply enrich your personal knowledge, this program offers an exciting challenge. Katherine will work personally with every participant from start to finish!

  Introduction to Groundwork
 Partnership and Confidence Building

 Katherine helps you on your journey while taking the mystery out of the sometimes cryptic natural horsemanship movement. She will help you on your path to better communication with these wonderful creatures. This logical set of straightforward exercises immediately puts the horse and rider on higher ground of safe, gentle communication. A solid foundation sets the stage for success. You will then be ready for the plethora of issues you'll likely encounter as your journey unfolds. Our goal is to help you attain heightened levels of safety and achieve superior communication and trust, feel technique using a gentle, safe approach

Working through problems with Technique to solve:
Horse and Human Communication through Feel Technique
Difficult to Saddle and Proper Saddle Fitting
Understanding about equipment
Balance Horse and Rider w/Core Influence
Spooking and Shying
Aggressiveness and Nervousness
Jigging and Prancing
Mounting problems
Hard to Accept Bit
Proper Foot Handling
Ears / Head Shy / Clippers / Spraying / Bathing
Proper leading and Driving
Trailer Loading
Locating and Treating Pain
Mustang Gentling
Nutrition, Dentistry, Imprinting, Message, Bits, Natural Hoof trimming
Flexion, Softness and balanced movement
Understanding positions of the seat
Open & Close Doors/Opposite Diagonals
Turn on Forehand Turn on Haunches
Black & White
Master One Rein Stop
ïƒ4x4 Theory
 " Ask...Wait for Answers... then Give for Results" "Connect with the Mind and the Feet will Follow"
 --Katherine Barbarite

Horsemanship 1 (Basic under saddle)
 Partnership and Confidence Building

Learn to teach the safety of riding your horse with confidence, how to develop balance, control and suppleness at the walk, trot, canter, stop, circle and reverse.
Basic seat and hand positions.
 Proper leading and driving.
Trails and trail obstacles.
Mounting & Dismounting
Feel technique
Understand and master the four quarters

 Horsemanship 2 Partnership and Confidence Building

 Perform and teach greater advanced skills with your horse. €œTrail safe  horse begins the transformation to â performance level horse.
You shall learn techniques to teach enhanced balanced walking trotting, cantering.
Equipment knowledge
Leg and Seat cues
Direct, Indirect & Neck reining
Side passing, correct backing, advanced stops, turns on forehand, turns on the haunches, circles, leads, obstacles and lateral work.
Hip control
Speed control
Understanding the four quarters x 4
 Flexion, softness and balanced movement
Understanding positions of open and closed doors, opposite diagonals
Develop advanced communication and a better understanding of horse psychology as you develop improved timing, finesse, balance and feel.
Psychology mental riding

  The program is easily adaptable to either English or Western Upon completion of all three sessions you will be a graduate of our program.
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Apprenticeship Program
"Listens to Horses and Whispers Back"